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Landscapes play a special role in the work of Tzatzalos. They inspire her to use an organic, visual language and stage the reflections of the elements as water and light as well as for the reflections of the soul. Tzatzalos does not exploit the romantic connotations of landscapes but uses this physical phenomenon as an environment with which humans interact in all kind of ways and out of different positions and fascinations.

Tzatzalos is not engaged in making traditional autonomous paintings or drawings. Artistically she is triggered by the different forms of conceptual art, wherein the edges of observation and interaction are reached or crossed. She is intrigued by performances as those of Beuys and Abramovic that are focussed on physical spiritual experiences. Other sources of inspiration are the majestic gestures of land art in the works of, amongst others,

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Morris and Smithson; the experiments in installation art, where different means are studied on their impact on the emotions and reflections of the beholder. In order to construct her own personal choreography and iconography, Tzatzalos weaves the elementary forces of nature into an ever expanding pattern of objects and motifs.

uk vlag Member of the NKvB, BBK, Sculpture Network and Artist Association Flevoland